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Extremely Handmade by Tufenkian.

Bold and often exotic, tribal style decor has endured for decades. Often functioning as a statement piece around which an entire room's design or color story is built, the eye-catching colors and interesting motifs of a tribal or tribal inspired rug will add a touch of the exotic to any space. Our tribal carpets work well in environments of rustic elegance, cabin retreats, mountain lodges, libraries, and offices richly adorned with wood. Try out a piece of history today with a Tufenkian Tribal area rug and enjoy handcrafted beauty over two thousand years in the making.

A tribal rug may include bold, archetypal designs executed in vibrant colors from the history of Caucasian Armenian carpet weaving. Tribal rugs for sale are made entirely by hand outside Yerevan, Armenia.

Each tribal style carpet is a one of a kind, personally inspected and guaranteed to be an authentic reproduction of antique patterns. Our tribal pattern rugs have the nomadic style wool warp and weft foundation (rather than standard cotton) utilizing very high quality Armenian wool. Our Armenian spinners, dyers and weavers comprise 100% of the artistic labor.

No exploitative child labor was involved in any part of the manufacturing process, our tribal rugs were made by adults that are paid a living wage. It is part of an ancient family tradition - with each generation passing down the knowledge to the next.

The rich and variegated color of a tribal carpet is attained through the best Swiss Chromium dyes which are UV more UV resistant than the old veggie dyes. Not that there's anything wrong with vegetable dye carpets, they each age in their own way. Tribal rug designs are from the western region of Armenia - one of the oldest and most historically relevant areas in all of rug making. Many of our Tufenkian tribal rugs for sale are individually signed by the weaver.

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Made with the finest natural materials and craftmanship, destined to last a lifetime and become more beautiful with age, our modern designs are timeless to match our quality, not trendy and fleeting. This assures that they will be appreciated and valued for generations.

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