Harvest Song Preserves

Harvest Song Fruit Jams is a specialty food company that imports fresh, natural, gourmet fruit preserves directly from Armenia.


We partner with family farms who grow their precious fruits in the rich volcanic soil of Mt. Ararat. Once farmers harvest the fruit by hand, the artisans of Harvest Song preserve small batches of these fresh fruits with skill and care unmet by commercial facilities. Harvest Song preserves are carefully made using timehonored methods in small batches. We process our jams in an HACCP certified cannery which not only meets all International Hygiene Standards but is also certified Orthodox Union Kosher. Our preserves are simmered slowly and allowed to thicken without use of any pectin. This technique allows us to conserve more natural sugar from the fruits, resulting in a product with fewer calories than ordinary jams and preserves, perfect for those who prefer a less sweet jam.


We want to share the tastes and textures of the healthy, natural foods that thrive in Armenia. Each batch of Harvest Song's award winning preserve begins with the fertile ground of the biblical Ararat Valley, the famed landing site of Noah's ark. We pride ourselves on being one of a few select preserve makers who take full advantage of the rich, volcanic soil in this region exclusively to grow fresh, delicious fruits.


To contact Harvest Song, please email sales@harvestsong.com