Luxury Large Area Rugs: The Key to Transforming Grand Interiors
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Luxury Large Area Rugs: The Key to Transforming Grand Interiors

Large luxury rugs are pivotal in achieving a sophisticated home décor scheme. In the world of interior design, selecting a large area rug is akin to choosing any other work of art. It not only ties together various design elements but also sets the tone for the entire room. 

The allure of large area rugs lies in both their visual appeal and their ability to transform a room completely from the moment they’re placed. Indispensable as design elements, here’s why large rugs have earned their place as beloved works of hand woven art. 

Historical Perspective: Rugs and the Connection to Luxury

Across centuries, rugs have perpetually embodied symbolic meaning for their weavers and owners. Rugs have long been hand woven from high-quality materials by skilled artisans known for intricate detailing, precision, and commitment to their creations. 

This alone imbues them with significance, but the rich history of rugs has deep roots in the aristocracy. The earliest known rug, the Pazyryk Carpet, dates back to the Iron Age and was unearthed in the royal burial chamber of a young Siberian prince.



Rugs have long been more than floor coverings. They serve, today as in centuries past, as symbols of status, diplomatic gifts, and signs of warmth and grandeur in spaces palatial and austere. 

The combination of exceptional artisanship, luxurious materials, intricate designs, and cultural significance made rugs highly sought by royalty and provincial families alike. This association with the elite persists today, contributing to the enduring perception of large area rugs as symbols of prestige. 


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Defining Characteristics of Luxury, Large Area Rugs

Due to their sheer size, large area rugs can powerfully represent a homeowner’s appreciation for fine design. Several elements set them apart from other interior design mainstays, such as textiles, drapes, and furniture.

Materials and Artisanship

The quality of materials used and the techniques behind the creation of an area rug are more than features of the piece. They’re the essence of what distinguishes them. It’s worth noting just how essential the following aspects are. 

High-Quality Materials

Quality materials, such as premium silk and 100% wool, offer hand woven rugs a lustrous texture that’s both visually stunning and indulgent underfoot. The feel and appearance of luxury area rugs woven from high-quality fibers are unparalleled. Premium fibers contribute to a rug’s durability and longevity, making the choice of materials a matter of legacy and lasting value. 



True luxury designer rugs are not mass-produced. Rather, they are carefully crafted works, handwoven by skilled artisans. Intricate weaving techniques, meticulous attention to detail, and high-level artistry come together to create large, luxury rugs that machines simply cannot replicate. 

Design and Patterns

The visual language of luxury large area rugs is expressed through their patterns and design features. These elements ultimately define the character of a rug through color stories, cultural motifs, and composition. 

Intricate Patterns and Motifs

Luxury area rugs are renowned for captivating patterns, many of which feature motifs inspired by nature, tradition, or historical influence. Design inspiration is passed down through generations, telling stories steeped in heritage. Patterns inspired by regional landscapes or specific time periods add depth and meaning to large area rugs, connecting the pieces to a broader cultural narrative. 

Unique Customization Options

Unique Customization Options

Large area rugs are used to evoke a specific mood or theme within a room, adapting to various design styles and preferences. While they hold inherent meaning, hand made luxury rugs offer the opportunity for deeper resonance with their owner through customization options. This allows individuals to collaborate with artisans to personalize a large designer area rug aligned with their needs.

Size and Placement 

Large area rugs are ideal for spacious rooms, as they anchor furniture, define living areas, and create cohesion. Large rugs come in various sizes, including: 

Selecting the appropriate rug size is crucial for achieving a balanced and harmonious space.

Large Rug Sizes

Large Rug Sizes

Large area rugs strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Note these key considerations for size and placement:

Living Rooms: A rug should be large enough to accommodate the main seating area, with all furniture, such as sofas and chairs, resting on the surface.

Dining Rooms: The rug should extend beyond the edges of the dining table, ensuring ample space for chairs, even when pulled out.

Dining Room

Bedrooms: A rug should extend several feet beyond the sides of the bed frame, whether it’s placed vertically or horizontally.


Extra-Large Area Rugs

Extra-Large Area Rugs

Extra-large and oversized area rugs make a bold statement, ideal for grand living spaces and open layouts. Mind the correct size and placement to maintain balance and cohesion:

  • Grand Spaces: Expansive, open-concept spaces and grand rooms can accommodate extra-large area rugs well. They can cover a significant portion of the floor or create zones within open floor plans to define different areas. 
  • Living Rooms: Oversized rugs can help coordinate a living room with multiple furniture groupings. As long as at least 8 inches of space separate the wall and the rug, extra-large rugs work well under primary seating areas without overwhelming the space. 
  • Bedrooms: Extra-large rugs can serve as statement pieces anywhere but especially work well to frame king-sized beds or define additional seating areas in a large bedroom. This creates a sense of warmth and comfort in an already-inviting space.

Impact on Home Aesthetics

Large luxury area rugs have a profound effect on home aesthetics, elevating the character, style, and personality of your living spaces. The experience of encountering one of these rugs in person is unparalleled; there is no comparison. Here’s why anyone who sees a large designer rug can immediately discern their significance.

Focal Points

Luxury rugs

Luxury rugs have an aura of distinction because they are often associated with refined taste levels and affluence. When placed in a room, they naturally become a commanding focal point. Their presence can transform the energy of a space, making it more engaging and dynamic or calm and elegant. A well-placed large luxury rug can highlight each element of the room, crafting a cohesive whole from its disparate parts.

Coordination and Harmony

extra-large area rugs

Color congruence is an art and a science in interior design. Large and extra-large area rugs contribute substantial harmony within a room’s color palette due to their grand presence in the space. The colors in luxury rugs have a depth and vibrancy that cannot be matched. These rugs can either complement existing colors or introduce new hues that function as a bridge between different design elements in the room.

rug table

Texture and Comfort


Luxury designer rugs contribute significantly to a home's warmth and tactile comfort. Their materials provide a plush and inviting texture, while their durability and sheen enhance the aesthetics of the space. Even the texture can be visually appealing in its own right. The interplay of the room’s light and the rug’s weave, especially with well-crafted pieces, can create stunning visual interest.

Versatility in Design Styles

Seamlessly adapting to a wide range of design styles, luxury area rugs can effortlessly integrate into diverse interiors, enhancing the energy of the space. Whether your home features a modern minimalist or eclectic and bohemian vibe, large area rugs are design chameleons that blend effortlessly into a spectrum of sensibilities. 

Modern and Contemporary

Modern and Contemporary

Simplicity, clean lines, and spaciousness reign supreme. Large area rugs enhance contemporary spaces by: 

  • Defining functional areas in open-plan layouts
  • Introducing warmth against sleek textures in the room
  • Accentuating a minimalist ethos with abstract patterns

The footprint of large and extra-large area rugs can contribute to modern aesthetics through monochromatic palettes and tactile contrast, effectively adding structure to the space. 

Traditional and Classic

Traditional and Classic

Ornate furnishings, rich colors, and timeless details characterize these interiors. Large rugs harmonize with traditional spaces by:

  • Enhancing warmth with grand, comfortable rugs in complementary colors
  • Adding elegance through intricate patterns and medallions
  • Framing key areas within the rug’s boundaries to create focal points

Large area rugs contribute to the coziness of traditional rooms by making grand, luxurious spaces even more inviting. 

Eclectic and Bohemian

Eclectic and Bohemian

Creativity, vibrant energy, and varied styles and cultures make bohemian spaces come alive. Large rugs thrive in these interiors by: 

  • Bringing diverse furniture and decor together to create harmony
  • Enhancing the coziness of seemingly disparate textures
  • Showcasing personal expression and individuality through unique designs

Large luxury area rugs work especially well in eclectic and bohemian spaces to enhance design cohesion with a singular, sizable piece that unites the elements of the room.

Size Considerations

Consider the following answers to common questions to help you find balance with a large area rug in your space.

How Do You Keep a Large Area Rug in Place?

Large Area Rug

Keeping a large area rug in place is crucial to prevent slipping, tripping, or shifting and maintain the room's intended look. To secure a large rug, you can use high-quality, non-slip rug pads, which not only keep the rug in place but also prevent dirt and dust from accumulating under the rug, protecting the floor beneath. 

Does a Large Rug Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

The impact of a large area rug on the perception of the room’s size depends on several factors, including the rug’s pattern, color, and placement. Light-colored rugs tend to make a room appear larger, while solid-colored rugs create a sense of continuity and can make a room feel more spacious. Rugs with bold patterns and dark colors can visually shrink the space. 

As a rule, leave at least 18 inches (45 cm) between the edge of the rug and the wall to maintain a sense of spaciousness. 

What Is the Largest Area Rug Size Available?

The largest area rug sizes can vary, but the largest standard rug size is 13’x18’, depending on specifications and availability. Oversized rugs, perfect for very spacious areas, may be available upon request in sizes larger than standard rugs sizes. 

Discover Luxury Large Area Rugs

Large Area Rugs

Large area rugs lend a powerful sense of luxury, comfort, and elegance to substantial interior spaces. At our showrooms and in our curated online collection, you’ll see a wide range of extremely hand made rugs in myriad sizes and designs to complement your space and express your design style. 

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